Our Family:

This property has been in the Sirat family for many generations.
Pascal took over the vineyard in 1981 at the passing of his father Fernand.
Passionate, he had to, at the age of 23, build a new winery. He had to develop and modernise in order to rebuild that which history had demolished.
> Harvest time at Panchille in 1900
> Géraldine, Pascal, Julie & Fernand
> Document from 1909 showing sales of 1906 white wine. Notice the request to return the barrel!
Julie-Alix and Fernand, his children, are essential for Pascal. They are the future. Pascal is not someone who gets caught up in the past!
Once, the property was 22 hectares and possessed several wineries in the commune of Arveyres. There were no tractors, horses helped with the work. One also had to consider the hay to feed them... Many employees were required. The organisation was completely different, "organic" we'd say today! But many would refuse to work as hard as they did back then!