> Traditional cultivation:

The essential goal of our methods is for each grape to arrive healthy and ripe at the winery to ensure the most natural wine making process possible.
> Pruning:

"Guyot double", with every second bud removed to allow aeration of the vine from the start of the vegetative cycle. The previous year's branches are removed and burnt to provide humus for the vines.
> Maintenance (carrassonnage):

Upkeep of stakes and tightening of wires as required
> Folding:

Manoeuvre un-removed branches and attach them to the fixed wires.
> De-budding:

Beginning of May, all growths not useful to the good development of the wine are removed.
> Lifting:

Raise the branches to maintain their support and avoid the vegetation falling.
> Triming:

Removal of the tips of new branches
> Treatment:

Helps control diseases in a controlled manner. The new machine face by face allows targeted treatments!
> Leaf pruning:

Only manual pruning gives the optimal results for correct aeration of the bunches.
> "Green" Harvest:

Generous years oblige us to remove some bunches. Each vine must only produce the quantity of grapes which it is capable of fully ripening
> Harvest:

After tasting, each parcel of vines is picked at the optimal moment. The latest generation of machines with sorters attached allow us to obtain a near perfect crop. Certain plots can, in certain years, be harvested by hand
> Sorting:

Even with the excellent quality of the new machines, we sort the grapes manually before they reach the vats.