Château Panchille<br>“A l’état Brut”<br> Without added sulfites

Château Panchille
“A l’état Brut”
Without added sulfites

Bordeaux rouge

« A l’état Brut » a wine without added sulfites, is the expression of Merlot harvested like a summer fruit, only 24 hours apart; its juicy flesh plays on the palate.

It's our wild child, and we protect it so that it doesn't go astray while at the same time giving it free rein to its spontaneity.

Fresh and frank it surprises us with the authentic taste of a fruit that bursts on the palate.

Our commitment to authenticity prompted us not to dress it with a capsule and to use a paper made of herb fibers


Cépages :

100 % Merlot


Elevage :

3 moths