Birth of Pascal


The harvest from the property is put into the Génissac cooperative cellar


Takeover of the property by Pascal. 5 hectares in cooperative cellar.


First bottling at the château.


Start of construction of a new winery.


Birth of Julie-Alix, Pascal’s daughter.


Complete exit from the cooperative cellar, expansion of the cellar.


Opening to export with the European market.


Creation of the Alix vintage.


Expansion of the barrel cellar, purchase of an air-conditioned bottle warehouse.


New export market: the U.S.A.


Replanting of plots of vines, planting of the Petit Verdot grape variety.


Birth of Pascal’s youngest child: Fernand.
Expansion of the property.


2 ha are replanted, including part of the white grape variety: Sauvignon.
Acquisition of Sauvignon and Sémillon vines, creation of “Blanc de Fernand”.
Acquisition of terroir with the AOP Graves de Vayres.


New export market: Asia.


No marketing of Château Panchille, due to a non-quality vintage.


ISO 14001 certification.
Constantly questioning our work, for the environment, for the quality of the wine, has led us to this group approach, keen to offer the best to our customers and future generations.


Modernization through automation of thermoregulation improves winemaking.
Total consideration of the insulation of the bottle warehouse for optimal conservation.


Creation of the “les rives” vintage from Château Panchille, AOP Bordeaux.


No marketing of Château Panchille, due to a non-quality vintage.


40th vintage of Pascal, marriage to Géraldine.
Opening to export to the African market.


Purchase of vine on the Arveyres plateau, increase in production of Graves de Vayres


Purchase of vines on the Génissac plateau – organic vines


Environmental investment, removal of the gas boiler and old refrigeration unit, replaced by reversible heat pumps

Château Panchille belongs
to the Sirat family.

The Sirat family has pursued various trades over time, including cooper, ship carpenter, and winemaker. In the early 20th century, no less than five cellars were dedicated to receiving the harvest from the 22 hectares.

In 1978, at the age of 20, my commitment was to revive the family heritage from its ashes. I rebuilt a cellar, reshaped, and expanded the vineyard.

My daughter Alix was born in 1988, and since 1998, I have shared my life and rebuilt Panchille with Geraldine. Our son Fernand was born in 2004. At the age of 20, he is pursuing his studies with the intention of taking up the family legacy.

During these 45 years of reconstruction, we planted white grape varieties, developed the Graves de Vayres appellation, and created different cuvées. We invested in the winemaking cellar, in thermoregulation, as well as in an insulated and air-conditioned storage cellar. We have conquered markets on four continents, and we do not hesitate to make a rigorous selection for bottling or even sacrifice a vintage if necessary.

At the beginning, the estate was 22 hectares and owned several chais at Arveyres. They didn’t use tractors but horses to help.

The way to work the vineyard was very different than nowadays. Some will say that we were in “bio” and lot of them might refuse to work like this due to the hardness of that work.


Document of 1909 showing the sale of white wine from 1906.
Note the request to return the barrel!

In 2019 Pascal celebrates his 40th vintage..

In 2018, Pascal celebrates his 40th vintage. Julie-Alix and Fernand, his children, are very important for him.
They are the future. Pascal doesn’t stay focused on the past!